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The Cheerfuldogs Store is not just another store selling dog training guides.

Certified. Force-Free. Dog- and Human- Centred.

Dr Kang Nee is the founder and Chief Education Officer of Singapore’s premier dog training company, cheerfuldogs.com. As a certified dog behaviour consultant and professional dog trainer with a Ph.D. in Zoology, Nee has the rare combination of a deep insight into animal behaviour and years of dog training experience. Armed with a sound understanding of how dogs learn and communicate, and using effective force-free, fear-free training and handling methods, Nee has been helping pet parents and their dogs in Singapore and abroad. Read more about Nee…

Dr Jeffrey Lee is the founder of cheerfuldogswalking.com – a premier dog walking service in Singapore. Jeff is a Certified Dog Walker (CDW) from the US dog*biz (formerly dog*tec) Dog Walking Academy, as well as a Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS) from Pet Sitters International (PSI).  He is a member of PSI and the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA).  Jeff has a Ph.D. in Zoology, and has been a Biology educator for over 20 years.  Always passionate about animals and learning, he helps pet parents care for their pets and integrate the dogs into their human surroundings. Read more about Jeff…

Nee and Jeff are 2018 nominees in the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) Annual Writing Competition, for excellence in the category of Online Article – Behaviour and Training.


The inspiration for the Cheerfuldogs Store comes from the 13 years that Nee and Jeff spent with Kiyo, who was the Chief Cheery Officer of cheerfuldogs.com. Pictured in the photo above, Kiyo was adopted from a shelter with the usual behavioural challenges of an adolescent dog. Over the years, with some of the essential training games you find here, he grew into a calm and confident assistant in Nee’s training classes with her clients. While Kiyo has passed away, the lessons that he and our clients taught us have inspired us to capture those precious training moments and secrets so that you may have as fulfilling a bond and relationship with your family dog as we have all had with ours.

This is the legacy that Kiyo has left behind – “cheerful dogs, happy people” – it is what we want to help all dogs and their pet parents become.

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