The cheerfuldogs Chronicles: Issues 71 – 75


The cheerfuldogs chronicles are a series of e-newsletters jointly produced by and  We present useful information about dog training and walking, interesting snippets on dogs in our daily life, and tips and tools on dog health and behaviour. Enjoy as we share about the fascinating world of our pet dogs.

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Issue 75
* Living With Dogs:  How to manage your dog while you’re in labour

* Dog Quotes: George Bernard Shaw
* Dog In Action: Your best running partner

Issue 74
Healthy Dogs:  What to do if your dog needs crate rest
Dog Quotes: O.A. Battista
Dog In Action: The right dog for the right herd

Issue 73
* A World of Dogs:  Are ‘dog years’ really a thing?

* Dog Quotes: Gladys Taber
* Dog In the Spotlight: Welsh Corgi

Issue 72
* Living With Dogs:  Is your dog fetch obsessed?

* Dog Quotes: Christopher Morley
* Healthy Dog: Why dogs roll in the grass

Issue 71
* Living With Dogs:  The chase is up!

* Did You Know: Just how good is that nose?
* Dog In the Spotlight: Samoyed

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