The cheerfuldogs Chronicles: Issues 61 – 65


The cheerfuldogs chronicles are a series of e-newsletters jointly produced by and  We present useful information about dog training and walking, interesting snippets on dogs in our daily life, and tips and tools on dog health and behaviour. Enjoy as we share about the fascinating world of our pet dogs.

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Issue 65
* Living With Dogs:  Parents’ night out
* Did You Know: These canine hearing facts?
* Dog In the Spotlight: Boston Terrier

Issue 64
A World of Dogs:  The 7 habits of highly effective canines
* Dog Quotes: Edith Wharton
* Healthy Dog: Be quick to treat dry eye

Issue 63
* Living With Dogs:  Walking with class

* Dogs In Action: Agility for all

Issue 62
* Living With Dogs:  Easing your dog’s re-intro to Baby post-vacation
* Healthy Dog: Canine acupuncture
* Dog In the Spotlight: Airedale Terrier

Issue 61
* A World of Dogs:  Let’s play
* Dog Quotes: Carrie Latet
* Dogs In Action: Here we go Rally-O


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