The cheerfuldogs Chronicles: Issues 56 – 60


The cheerfuldogs chronicles are a series of e-newsletters jointly produced by and  We present useful information about dog training and walking, interesting snippets on dogs in our daily life, and tips and tools on dog health and behaviour. Enjoy as we share about the fascinating world of our pet dogs.

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Issue 60
* Living With Dogs:  A before-baby prep check list
* Tips & Tools: From sour to sweer
* On the job: Arson dog

Issue 59
* Living With Dogs:  Up with the dog

* Did You Know: These separation anxiety facts?
* Dog In the Spotlight: Bernese Mountain Dog

Issue 58
* A World of Dogs:  We can’t all be social butterflies
* Dog Quotes: Ian Dunbar
* Healthy Dog: What’s that bump?

Issue 57
* Living With Dogs:  Surviving your dog’s teens
Family Dog: Camping with your dog
Dog In the Spotlight: Jack Russel Terrier

Issue 56
* The Family Dog:  Mealtime manners
* A World of Dogs: Canine Influencers
* Healthy Dog: Handling your dog’s hearing loss


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