The cheerfuldogs Chronicles: Issues 36 – 40



The cheerfuldogs chronicles are a series of e-newsletters jointly produced by and  We present useful information about dog training and walking, interesting snippets on dogs in our daily life, and tips and tools on dog health and behaviour. Enjoy as we share about the fascinating world of our pet dogs.

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Issue 40
* Tips & Tools:  A harmonious multi-species household

* Dog In the Spotlight:  Doberman, the origin story
* Dog Sports Around the World: Tracking

Issue 39
* The Family Dog:  Keeping hot dogs cool
* Dog in the Spotlight:  German Wirehaired Pointer
* Did You Know:  Nose jobs

Issue 38
* Living With Dogs:  5 tips for keeping your dog busy
Healthy Dog:  We are what we eat
Dog Sports Around the World:  Weight pulling

Issue 37
* Living With Dogs: Let them sniff
* Dog Quotes: Elayne Boosler
* Dog In the Spotlight: The Dachshund

Issue 36
* Dogs In Action: Guide dogs
* Dog In the Spotlight: Border Collie
* Healthy Dog: Bad breath in dogs