“Silence Is A Golden Retriever” Motivational Magnet


I sense it.  I smell it.  The breeze carries the whiff of it.  My nose twitches.  My whiskers quiver.  A buzzing thrill shoots down my spine.  The cordons came up on the Meadow, then the tents, the folding tables and chairs, the stage, the lights and speakers…  After weeks they are finally gone, and the Meadow is empty again.  But I sniff it!  At the far end where the portaloos had stood in a row, the grass is crushed and squashed into marvellous mud.  I fly and traverse the lawn in a flash, plunging into the glorious goo, rolling and wriggling in the reeking gunk.  My humans rush up, appalled and aghast.  I beam my most innocent grin.  Silence is a Golden Retriever.

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“Silence Is A Golden Retriever” Motivational Magnet
Featuring Cheerfuldogs’ Kiyo, the Stardust Puppy
The Cheerfuldogs’  Kiyo Signature Series
Dimensions:  7.5 cm x 7.5 cm (3 in x 3 in)
Happy Place:  Gardens By The Bay South, The Meadow
Material:  Rubberised magnet

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