“Make Every Day A Happy Day” Motivational Magnet


Kiyo’s paws stride out, his space boots making first-ever imprints across the golden soil.  A flood of light sweeps towards and past him as Sirius A scales the peak ahead, flooding the valley with a blinding bluish light.  Kiyo’s space helmet adjusts its ultraviolet shield as he surveys the adjacent rising star – its white dwarf partner, Sirius B “The Pup” – once a majestic Red Giant.  Kiyo wonders if his family is gazing at the same “Dogstar” – brightest star in the night sky – back home.  He brushes the thought aside knowing the light would take 8.6 years to reach Earth.  Today is a day for exploration and discovery, and Kiyo makes every day a happy day, no matter where he is!

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“Make Every Day A Happy Day” Motivational Magnet
Featuring Cheerfuldogs’ Kiyo, the Stardust Puppy
The Cheerfuldogs’  Kiyo Signature Series
Dimensions:  7.5 cm x 7.5 cm (3 in x 3 in)
Happy Place:  Fictional planet in the Sirius A-Sirius B binary-star system
Material: Rubberised magnet
Nebula:  Thor’s Helmet (NGC 2359)
Constellation:  Canis Major

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