“The Fearless Five” Motivational Magnets Bundle


Five pairs of sparkling eyes peer over the top of the upturned cardboard box. Kiyo places his paw playfully on top. With a soft yip-howl Piko calls the assembly to attention. Squirt bounces up and down, repeating, “What shall we call our merry band?”.  “The Fab Five,” pipped Benji.  “Pups of the Square Carton,” pronounced Duchess, thinking of a rather more circular piece of furniture. Kiyo pricked up his ears and twiddled his big black nose, “We shall be the Fearless Five.  We make every day a happy day!”.  Five paws are placed over one another, five noses press against each other – and so it was done!

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* Always On The Ball
* Run With Joy Fear Free
* Happy Howlidays
* Beauty Comes In Small Packets

“The Fearless Five” Motivational Magnets Bundle
Featuring Cheerfuldogs’ Kiyo, Piko, Benji, Squirt and Duchess
Comprising 5 designs from “The Cheerfuldogs’ Puppy Series”
Dimensions: 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm (3 in x 3 in)
Material:  Rubberised magnets

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