The cheerfuldogs Chronicles: Issues 1 – 5



The cheerfuldogs chronicles are a series of e-newsletters jointly produced by and  We present useful information about dog training and walking, interesting snippets on dogs in our daily life, and tips and tools on dog health and behaviour. Enjoy as we share about the fascinating world of our pet dogs.

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Issue 1
* A World of Dogs:  Why adopt from a shelter?
* Dog in the Spotlight:  Smooth Fox Terrier
* Tips & Tools:  What to do if a dog is choking

Issue 2
* Living with Dogs: 5 essentials of dog park etiquette
* cheerfuldogs BFF in the Spotlight: Princess
* Healthy Dog: Caring for an ageing dog

Issue 3
* Living with Dogs: Assess your puppy readiness
* Did You Know: These dog temperature facts?

Issue 4
* Book Club:  Being a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz
* cheerfuldogs BFF in the Spotlight:  Piko
* Dogs in Action:  Pipeline detection
* Healthy Dog: Picking healthy dog treats

Issue 5
* Living with Dogs:  Preventing obesity in dogs
* Dog quotes:  Nora Roberts
* Dogs in Action:  Canine fitness