“Be Happy, Do Rollies” Motivational Magnet


Kiyo whips his big black nose to sniff the salty breeze. He pelts forward – skimming green grass, pink Beach Morning Glory, and white strand. Stopping where foam from the surf tickles his furry paws, he waits for his orange frisbee to dart out over the billowing waves. Plunging into the swell with abandon, he rescues the disc. Climbing crests and cruising down troughs, Kiyo delivers his frisbee again and again to the shore. Time to lie back on the sun-baked beach, and sculpt angels in the sand – with twisting, wriggling, and four legs pedaling in the air – for if you are happy, rollies are in order.

“Be Happy, Do Rollies” Motivational Magnet
Featuring Cheerfuldogs’ Kiyo – the Stardust Puppy
The Cheerfuldogs’ Puppy Series
Dimensions:  7.5 cm x 7.5 cm (3 in x 3 in)
Happy Place:  East Coast Park
Material:  Rubberised magnet

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