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I could not resist your guides! I’m excited to use them to add more fun to JJ & Archie’s days and work up to brushing JJ’s teeth. Thank you so much for providing these tools, the perfect gift from you and Kiyo!

Susan Briggs

The Dog Gurus

Thanks for setting up this store to share your knowledge and experiences. I have been following your posts and share in your grief over the loss of Kiyo. Throughout the whole period I have been amazed at the strength and resilience shown by the 3 of you. It’s a testament to the training methods you advocate that Kiyo was calm and fear-free throughout. I had the opportunity to learn from you 10 years ago with my fur-kid Panda. Sadly Panda passed on last year. We are now blessed with a new addition to our family, 1 year old Singapore Special Coco and it’s really timely to build a fear-free environment with her using your teaching methods.

Tan Huey Jong

Hi Nee, I love it! It’s super detailed which is great! The drawings are really helpful too. I was just briefly comparing it to another book on husbandry I got and I think the difference is that yours and Jeff’s is very detailed on technique (again, the drawings are so good) which is really what’s needed.

Melissa Ho

Totally love the 2 booklets which I got earlier💖📑 – very easy-to-use guides (with all the step-by-step instructions), plus all the cute illustrations (which remind me of Kiyo)😊🐶🌻. Lately I’m having so much fun playing “games” with my puppies🐕🐕 – which has greatly improved our relationship & strengthened our bonds too!!!🥰💞 Thank YOU so much for sharing these informative user-friendly guides and useful tips with us – hopefully I can become a better guardian to my puppies, and they will be as cheerful & happy – just like Kiyo🙏♥️🐶

Susan Lee

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